Privacy Policy

When you visit our web site, you acknowledge that you have read the following and agree that Global Forward Trust B.V. (GlobalForwardTrust) may collect personal data about you, either directly or indirectly. GlobalForwardTrust is aware that you may wish to be informed about how (personal) data you submit via the Internet to the GlobalForwardTrust web site is treated. By sharing our Privacy Policy, we trust that you will better understand how we keep your data private and secure while using it to provide services and products.

Although GlobalForwardTrust takes the necessary steps to ensure the security of information in its possession, you acknowledge that the Internet is an open network and the transmission of information over the Internet is not controlled by GlobalForwardTrust. You have certain rights under applicable law including the right to access or correct information. You acknowledge that information given by you is supplied voluntarily.

This web site may include hyperlinks to other web sites that are not operated and controlled by GlobalForwardTrust ('Third Party Sites'). This Policy only applies to this web site and GlobalForwardTrust is not responsible for the content or the privacy practises of Third Party Sites.

The terms of this Policy are without prejudice to any contractual terms you may enter into with us, which will take precedence over the terms of this Policy.

We safeguard, according to strict standards of security and confidentiality, any information our clients and relations share with us. GlobalForward’s security policies define strict guidelines and procedures, which are monitored by frequent security checks and audits. Every employee of GlobalForwardTrust is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of its clients' information. All of our client records are handled, maintained and stored in a secure manner in accordance with internal policies and are protected by physical, organisational and technological means.

We limit the collection and use of information of our clients and visitors to this web site to the minimum we require to deliver outstanding service to our clients, which includes advising our clients about our products, services and other opportunities, and to administer our business.

We permit only authorised employees, who are trained in the proper handling of client information, to have access to that information.

We will not disclose information we have about clients and visitors to this web site to third parties, unless required by law.

If you do not agree to the information you submit via the Internet to the GlobalForwardTrust web site being used in this way, please contact us so that we can discuss this with you and you may choose another means of communicating with us.

Global Forward Trust B.V.
August 14, 2010